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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Creating complete and accurate designs is the foundation of any precision manufacturing process. Weldmac has been using this technology for decades. CAD systems are unmatched in their precision and flexibility. When in the hands of our engineers, they set the stage for the next steps leading to the metal fabrication process.

Synergy between design and manufacturing

The information generated in the CAD process will be used for the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) phase and the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems that will eventually bring the process to life in our shop. The fact that our designers have intimate knowledge of our manufacturing abilities and processes provides for the best possible scenario during the manufacturing process.

Weldmac Offices

All phases take place at Weldmac

Weldmac has assets and personnel covering the entire breadth of the design and manufacturing process. CAD, CAE, CAM, manufacturing, testing and quality control are all handled in-house. This is a huge advantage as we can control the process from start to finish in a cost effective and timely manner. Furthermore, each member of the Weldmac team is familiar with the other phases of the manufacturing process which provides an unmatched level of synergy between design and manufacturing of our metal fabricated components.