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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

How we get it right the first time…

At Weldmac we utilize the latest CAE technology to streamline the manufacturing process. The use of virtual modeling software allows us to simulate the production and assembly of any metal fabricated component. The level of analysis that can be performed prior to the commencement of the actual manufacturing process is highly valuable. We can anticipate potential issues and establish procedures to best utilize our manufacturing assets and manpower.

What CAE can do to save time and money:

  • Perform cost analysis per manufacturing process
  • Predict and ensure manufacturing feasibility
  • Assembly planning and validation
  • Process simulation and planning

Putting the pieces together

Utilizing CAE, we are able to bring together all the components of highly complex assemblies in a virtual environment. Using this virtual environment we can perform a simulated assembly to ensure that everything will come together with the real finished product. Using these simulations we can establish accurate procedures for final real-world assembly.

CAE, just another reason why Weldmac is the right choice

Weldmac has extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities but CAM really brings it all together. No matter how complex the assembly, we can validate the process before the first piece of material is brought into the shop. Finally, because of Weldmac’s manufacturing capability, you do not have to worry about multiple suppliers or firms holding up production.

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