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Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Where design meets metal
The utilization of CAD and CAE systems allows Weldmac to create conceptual designs for new products thus eliminating the need to create physical prototypes. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) takes this one step further by bridging the gap between the conceptual design and the manufacturing of the finished product. We utilize the latest CAM technology and computer controlled machinery to manufacture parts and components to the highest possible precision.

Seamless integration of design and manufacturing Computer Aided Manufacturing With a Laser

Utilizing CAM technology, the design created in the CAD process is converted into numerical instructions for our computer controlled manufacturing equipment. Utilizing CAM, we are able to make quick modifications to the design of components by feeding updated instructions to the machine tools and achieve instant results. Another valuable aspect of computer aided manufacturing is the ability to repeat a procedure with an extreme level of reliability and precision.

Old dog, new tricks

Over the last 40 years, Weldmac has evolved to stay current with the latest technology available for precision metal fabrication. This evolution has allowed us to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Combining knowledge, experience, innovation and our desire to constantly improve has made Weldmac a preferred supplier to some of the biggest and best companies in the aerospace and defense industry.

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