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Manufacturing Capabilities

We constantly have customers looking for perfection, and Weldmac has consistently delivered.
The more complex, the tighter the requirement, the more severe the application, the better the fit for Weldmac. There may be other companies with similar equipment, but the seasoned Capable of Precision Metal Fabricationleadership has consistently outperformed the challenges. Knowing that any challenge will be met by the full commitment of the leadership at Weldmac, motivates the entire team to succeed.

A diversity of machines and experience allows a small company such as Weldmac to compete with the capabilities of much larger Companies. Weldmac’s manufacturing facilities includes:

Precision Metal FabricationOf course even the best equipment available is useless without an experienced work force to bring it to life. Our shop personnel possess the knowledge and experience to utilize equipment to its fullest and produce results.

Weldmac produces all of its form tools to assure success.
That’s right; all form dies are designed and built in house at Weldmac. Weldmac’s core competency is the speed at which it can go from concept to forming in a short time period. The forming is closely coordinated with a laser to assure trimmed components meet the requirements for the next assembly or welding. Because Weldmac produces all of its form tools, success is assured. The art of forming is well complemented by the precision offered by metal dies and tool relief.

Bellows and expansion joints

Weldmac has brought its capabilities to the bellows and expansion joints industry. Weldmac is now a manufacturer of aerospace grade bellows and expansion joint assemblies. We entered this market because we could not find bellows that met our high quality standards. Utilizing our wide array of capabilities, we can manufacture bellows to any requirement you need.

Total process control.High Precision Metal Fabricated Part The advantage Weldmac has in creating complex assembly is that we control the whole process. Our in-house capabilities include Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Our ability to perform these processes ensures precision, efficiency and cost savings. But it doesn't stop there.

We don’t rely on others to supply any details. Weldmac can form, machine assemble all under one roof. This gives us complete control of tolerance resulting in precise and repeatable assemblies. Weldmac possesses years of experience allowing for the accurate prediction of outcome necessary for manufacturing key components.


Complete Metal Fabricated AssemblyComplete Metal Fabricated Assembly