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Metal Expansion Joint Applications

Expansion joints are necessary in systems that convey high temperature or pressurized commodities in the form of liquid, steam or exhaust gases.

Bellows are a common type of expansion joint for a pipe system. As you probably notice, a bellows consist of a series of convolutions (ribs). The convolutions are designed to handle the internal pressures of the application. The key is the flexibility of the bellows allowing it to accept movement or changes in position of one or both ends.

Bellows Movement

The nature of bellows makes them well suited to all types of movement

An expansion joint is a useful component in an infinite number of applications. Metal expansion joint assemblies are commonly used for all kinds of industries and applications including:

  • Power Generation
  • Co-Generation, Petrochemical
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pulp Paper Manufacturing
  • Cryogenic Process
  • Pressure Vessel and heat Exchanger Fabricators
  • Heat Steam recovery Generator
  • Architect Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Mechanical contractor
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Gas Turbine, Gas Transmission
  • Ship building and Repair
  • Diesel Engine Mfg, Incineration
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Metal Smelters
  • Pollution Control

When Weldmac Manufacturing Company needed high quality, high precision metal bellows there was nothing on the market that met its needs. That is the main reason Weldmac entered the market. Utilizing over 40 years experience in metal fabrication for some of the most demanding clients, Weldmac has created a product to suit any requirement.

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