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Metal Expansion Joints and Movement

Many forms of movement cannot be accommodated with conventional piping.

An Expansion joint is the perfect solution to allow movement in a myriad of piping systems. Expansion joints can be designed and built for noise absorption, anti-vibration, earthquakes, and the settling of a buildings or structures. As a top manufacturer of metal expansion joints, Weldmac can construct bellows to accommodate various movements depending on the requirements of the application. These movements include:

Lateral Movement

Lateral – One end of the bellows moves laterally relative to the other

Axial Movement

Axial – Changes in length

Angular Movement

Angular - Bending

Expansion joints and bellows will resist movement similar to a spring. Bellows perform a function similar to shock absorbers in a car. They allow for movement of the system but return to their original position when stress is relieved. Weldmac can manufacture bellows to various spring rates based on geometry and the type of alloy used.

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