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Engineered Products

Weldmac biggest advantage is being able to apply its experience across the board in forming, machining and sheet metal to produce assemblies meeting a customer’s requirements.
That being said, the ability to perform producability analysis is potentially Weldmac’s greatest strength. Our team has an intimate understanding of Weldmac’s capability, not only the fabrication/manufacturing process, but the downstream assembly. This makes Weldmac uniquely suited to interface with the customers engineering department, as well as the Welding Assemblypurchasing group because of their interest in cost reductions, weight reductions and part count. Weldmac has a unique industry stand point since we straddle the breadth of manufacturing from the industrial gas turbine to the critical control hardware of launch vehicles. This variety allows Weldmac to apply problem solving techniques that experience carries from project to project. 

Weldmac has evolved over the years from a component manufacturer to assisting and collaborating from a design standpoint.
From design to raw materials selection and specification all the way to fabrication, testing, assembling and delivering assemblies in a kitted form. Due to the market need of delivering assemblies or kits, Weldmac has evolved to take on the challenge. With Weldmac assembling the component parts and kitting them to deliver for customer field assembly, Weldmac is able to control and adapt to all the tolerance requirements. If these kitted Parts and a Pencustomers were to receive sheet metal components from one shop, welded components from another shop and machine parts from yet another, the potential for stacked tolerance and failed assemblies would be a concern. Weldmac’s ability to produce all these requirements within our facility, assures our customer of success.

Modeling capability allows Weldmac to set the stage for the whole manufacturing process.Metal parts in the Shop
Weldmac modeling capability allows us to review several iterations and revise several targets, whether it is weight, tolerance or both, giving us flexibility at the design phase. Once the designed is locked, we are then able to simulate and develop flat patterns or the blank, whatever is the precursor to the operation needing to be performed. That model then can also be utilized to design the tooling, fixtures or test fixture, inspection fixtures, right down to the shipping crates. The model then becomes the controlling factor to drive the entire manufacturing process.


Metal Bellows and Expansion Joints

Weldmac is now proud to offer metal bellows and expansion joints. We entered this market because we could not find bellows that met our high standards. We have already obtained some of the highest certifications as a manufacturer of bellows. As a supplier of metal fabricated assemblies to some of the top aerospace and military companies, we are able to produce a superior bellows product. With our 40+ years experience and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce bellows and expansion joints that meet the most demanding requirements.

Bellows Convolutions