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Over the years, Weldmac’s quality of work and professional conduct has garnered the attention of our customers.

“Overall the company has demonstrated the will and the ability to do whatever needs to be done to provide quality hardware on time. We believe that Weldmac deserving of recognition as an outstanding team player.” – Lockheed Martin

When the stakes are high, quality, dependability and innovation are essential. Weldmac Manufacturing Company has proven itself as a top supplier of metal fabricated components regardless of complexity or tolerances. With our experience and capabilities we find a way to get the job done on time.

Below is a sampe of some of the recognition Weldmac has received.



Apache Program Management Office

In early 2009 we were honored to receive this recognition from the U.S. Army for the work we have done on the Apache helicopter program. It is very satisfying to know that our work helps the brave members of our armed forces to be a little safer while they do their jobs for all of us.

Weapon System Awards: U.S. ARMY AVIATION

“Weldmac Manufacturing Company is recognized for exceptional performance in the design, production and logistical support of the Aviation Survivability Product Improvement and the significant enhancement these contributions have made towards the survivability of Apache aircrews in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Supplier of Excellence Award: CAPSTONE MICROTURBINE



“As we near the fulfillment of the RS-68 Lot 1 engine contract, Boeing Canoga Park would like to express our sincere thanks for the hard work, dedication, and quality hardware delivered to us over the last several years by Weldmac. This outstanding performance has led to four flawless launches of America’s newest space launch vehicle, the Delta IV.

Boeing’s increasing reliance on our supplier partners for component hardware makes it more important than ever for our suppliers to embrace the objective of quality hardware delivered on time. We also appreciate the open communication between our companies which has allowed us to meet critical program objectives.

The RS-68 Team would like to thank Weldmac for a job well done, and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”


Supplier Recognition Award: LOCKHEED MARTIN

“During late 2001 and early 2002, Weldmac Manufacturing Company went above and beyond the call of duty by developing a new process for manufacturing the F-22 Engine Inlet K-Seal Titanium Inserts. Not only is the process they developed 70% faster than the prior process, it is also easier, cost effective and more accurate. While this in itself is commendable, this award nomination is for the expedited effort that solved a significant schedule problem. Weldmac went out on risk to manufacture the tools before the official drawings were available, worked long hours and weekends, utilized all of their in-house talent, and pulled favors from local manufacturers and businesses to support the F-22 programs schedule as much as possible.

Weldmac’s achievement is important because the difficulty in manufacturing the inserts had caused a serious shortage in deliveries of the Inlet K-Seal. The K-Seal is the last part incorporated before the engines can be installed during final assembly. With the K-Seal six months late to the 4011 need date and no relief in sight for follow-on aircraft, Weldmac in five short months recovered the schedule for subsequent aircraft and is now in sequence for 4016.

Overall the company has demonstrated the will and the ability to do whatever needs to be done to provide quality hardware on time. We believe that Weldmac deserving of recognition as an outstanding team player.


Raptor of Distinction Award: LOCKHEED MARTIN


Preferred Supplier: BOEING

“For excellence in product performance, process control and business processes with commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction”

Supplier of the Year: LOCKHEED MARTIN


Manufacturing Supplier of the Year Award: GENERAL DYNAMICS SPACE SYSTEMS DIVISION