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Weldmac holds both industry and individual company certifications. Weldmac is also capable of obtaining additional certifications as jobs require.

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Design and Engineering

Weldmac utilizes the latest technology to streamline the manufacturing process at every stage. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) virtual modeling software allows Weldmac to simulate the production and assembly of any metal fabricated component.

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Quality Control

Weldmac’s commitment to quality goes beyond the inspection of finished parts. From purchase orders to shop travelers, onto first article requirements of assembly details, Weldmac’s quality department is involved in the entire process.

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Power Generation

Power Generation   Weldmac serves the power generation market.

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Weldmac Manufacturing Company is a major supplier of sheet metal, machined and welded assemblies for the aerospace industry.

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Launch Vehicles

Top companies look to Weldmac to construct assemblies and sub-assemblies to meet the rigors of space travel.

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Metal Bellows

The Weldmac team applies it's philosophy and approach to research in order to create metal bellows to the highest possible standards.

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Metal Expansion Joints

Weldmac Manufacturing Company is proud to offer aerospace grade metal expansion joints for our commercial clients. If you are looking for the highest quality in metal expansion joints available

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A Sample of Weldmac’s Clients