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Synergizing Process Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

All manufacturing phases take place at Weldmac

Weldmac has assets and personnel covering the entire breadth of the complete manufacturing process. Engineering, process design, manufacturing, testing and quality control are all handled in-house. This is a huge advantage as Weldmac can control the process from start to finish in a cost effective and timely manner. Furthermore, each member of the Weldmac team is familiar with the other phases of the manufacturing process which provides an unmatched level of synergy between process design and manufacturing of our customers metal fabricated components.

Process Design and Engineering: How we get it right the first time

Weldmac utilizes the latest technology to streamline the manufacturing process at every stage. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) virtual modeling software allows Weldmac to simulate the production and assembly of any metal fabricated component. The level of analysis that can be performed prior to the commencement of the actual manufacturing process is highly valuable. Weldmac can anticipate potential issues and establish procedures to best utilize our manufacturing assets and manpower. No matter how complex the assembly, Weldmac can validate the process before the first piece of material is brought into the shop.

How Weldmac can save you time and money:

  • Perform cost analysis per manufacturing process
  • Predict and ensure manufacturing feasibility
  • Assembly planning and validation
  • Process simulation and planning

Synergy between customer process design and manufacturing

Weldmac’s Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems really bring the process to life in it’s shop. The fact that Weldmac’s engineers have intimate knowledge of the manufacturing abilities and processes provides for the best possible scenario during the manufacturing process.

Weldmac uses state of the art computer applications to define a manufacturing plan for the process design of tooling, model preparation, NC programming, machine tool simulation, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection programming, or post-processing. The plan can then be executed in a production environment, which includes CNC machining, tool management, direct numerical control (DNC), or CMM execution.

Utilizing CAM technology, the model process design created in the CAD process is converted into numerical instructions for Weldmac’s computer controlled manufacturing equipment. Utilizing CAM, the team is able to make quick modifications to the manufacturing process by feeding updated instructions to the machine tools and achieve instant results.

A valuable aspect of CAM, is the ability to repeat a procedure with an extreme level of reliability and precision.

Old dog, new tricks

Creating complete and accurate program process designs is the foundation of any precision manufacturing process. Over the last 50 years, Weldmac has evolved to stay current with the latest technology available for precision metal fabrication. This evolution has allowed Weldmac to meet or exceed the expectations of it’sclients. Combining knowledge, experience, innovation and the desire to constantly improve has made Weldmac a preferred supplier to some of the biggest and best companies in the aerospace and defense industry.