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Weldmac operates several state of the art lasers as part of the manufacturing process. Combined with the operator’s expertise, the high precision offered by this equipment creates a valuable compliment to Weldmac’s other in-house metal fabrication capabilities.

Laser Precision

Weldmac operates both CO2 and Y.A.G. lasers as part of it’s comprehensive in-house capabilities. Lasers offer fast, precise and repeatable results unmatched by other means.

Weldmac utilizes four lasers in its operations; a Y.A.G. pulsed laser and the three continuous wave CO2 lasers. All four lasers have a 5-axis capability, whether it is interpolating holes, percussion drilling or trimming on a contour. Automatic focus control allows the laser head to track the surface of the part providing a close tolerance and repeatable component. Each laser is fitted with a rotary table providing greater accuracy and faster processing for circular parts.

Using the Y.A.G laser Weldmac can produce percussion drilled holes in the .020” diameter range while maintaining a +-.001” tolerance as a standard.

This can be accomplished while drilling as many as 13 holes per second, as the part rotates through the laser. Quality of the holes can then be improved as the laser is refocused with two additional laser firings taking place on the same holes.

CO2 lasers with up to 900” per minute travel, coupled with 2500 watts of power, allows Weldmac to trim the most complicated parts in very short succession.

Weldmac utilize the CO2 lasers for contoured cutting. The C02 lasers operate utilizing 2500 watts of power and can cut up to ½” thick stainless steel material. The close tolerance achieved through the laser cutting process provides for a perfect fit going into welding or assembly. The laser cutting also produces an edge with less than .0002” recast, which is easily removed in a deburing process.


Featured Lasers

The LASERDYNE® 430 workstation is optimized for precision laser processing for a wide range of metal and non-metal cutting, welding and drilling applications. The LASERDYNE 430 is suitable in the aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics, industrial and consumer products industries.

Controlled Axis: C,D,A

Max Work Piece Dim: 23” X AXIS, 16” Y AXIS, 20” Z AXIS

Laser source:  CW, QCW, pulsed fiber laser


Controlled Axis: C, D, B, A, U

Max Work Piece Dim: 39” X AXIS, 27” Y AXIS, 27” Z AXIS

This state of the art multi-axis laser processing system for drilling, welding and cutting precision components expands Weldmac's already extensive capabilities. The Laserdyne 795 provides for fast, accurate 3D beam delivery and access to even the most challenging part geometries.

Work area
XS:  X 1,000 mm – Y 1,000 mm – Z 1,000 mm
XL:  X 2,000 mm – Y 1,000 mm – Z 1,000 mm
BeamDirector®:  C 900° – D 300°

Axis speed
X, Y, Z: 20 m/min
BeamDirector®: 90 rpm

Laser source
Nd:YAG CL50k
CO2 CV 4000 W
Fiber QCW 9000 W – 20000 W

Controlled Axis: A,B,W

Max Work Piece Dims: X Axis – 99”, Y Axis – 50”, Z Axis – 40”

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: 60.04 in x 120.08 in (flat plate) / 46.26 in x 106.69 in x 11.81 in (solid)
Maximum Workpiece Weight: 1,543 lb
Number of Control Axes: 6
Machine Travels:
X axis: 120.87 in
Y axis: 60.83 in
Z axis: 11.81 in
A axis: +/- 360 degrees
B axis: +/- 135 degrees
C axis: +/- 360 degrees
Maximum Material Thickness:
Mild Steel: 0.750 in
Stainless Steel: 0.312 in
Aluminum: 0.250 in
Rapid Travel Speed:
X, Y, Z axis: 944.68 ipm
A, B axis: 9,600 degrees/min
C axis: 12,000 degrees/min
Positioning Accuracy:
X, Y axis: 0.0004 in/19.68 in
Repeatable Accuracy:
X, Y, Z axis: 0.0002 in
A, B, C axis: +/- 0.01 degrees

Controlled Axis: A,B,C

Max Work Piece Dims: X Axis – 96”, Y Axis – 48”, Z Axis – 15”